About Us

Fraser Fortune
Writer, Director,
DoP & Editor

Since being at college I’ve been interested in audio, photography and computers so putting it all together and having a go at writing was a natural progression. I’m inspired by a lot of foreign film I just find them much more imaginative than the Hollywood epics.I love working on short films.

I don’t get bored or hung up on a particular scene and I think you can you can push the audience’s imagination a bit not spelling out how the scene was established. They’re not daft, let them use their own imagination to fill in the blanks.


Richard Hollingworth
Actor, Writer & Director

My fascination with horror, science fiction and martial arts films had me on stage at age 7, writing movie scenes at 10 years old and involved with the Drama society at the schools I attended.

Since gaining a BA (Hons) in Performance, developing a film company has always been a goal of mine and I’m truly take pleasure in creating and working on the projects at Operating Theatre Films.