Dental Plan (Trailer)

This is a trailer for ‘Dental Plan’ featuring Richard Hollingworth, written and directed by Fraser Fortune. Production photos (by Paulo Martinho) can be seen at

Show Reel

Show reel of films made up to 2012.    

Where The Humans Eat

Four people reflect on how their world has changed following alien visitations.  

Black Ribbons (Full Film)

Short film about a mother who has to justify her actions some time after losing a child but not every detail can be clearly remembered. £12 Budget, cast of 2, crew of […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes (Full Film)

A modern adaptation of Macbeth. It’s just a short scene from when Macbeth goes to see the Witches to see what his future holds. This film was made as part of the […]

You Used To Be My Romeo (Full Film)

A very simple story very simply (except for the technicalities) told. Thanks to the actors who were all very patient as there was a lot of choreography involved and very little rehearsal […]

In Case of Epidemic (Trailer)

While an infection spreads across mainland Britain turning people violent with minutes of contamination, the police have problems of their own. Inspired by ‘Protect & Survive’ (nuclear war survival films from the […]